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Candidate of “Change” Changes Mind on Public Financing

This is a subject that doesn’t bother me either way as it’ll play itself out. Especially when Rev Wright Greatest Hits go viral via 527s and web. Game will be over – McCain wins. Hillary runs in ’12.

But you gotta laugh at the OBamboozler. Are his supporters really buying this BS?

Politco has a nice rundown of the many faces of OChange re: Public Financing.

Here’s a way-back-machine look at his very first comments in June of ’06. Don’t expect to see this on MSNBC’s Countdown (til I Can Get My Head out of Obama’s Ass) anytime soon.

Viewing tips:

At 5 seconds: “I STRONGLY support public fnancing, and I, uh, uh, know Dick (Durbin) does too.”

Starting at 19 seconds til end: You can CHANGE the rules on lobbying, but if we’re still getting financed primarily from INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS, uh, that, uh, those with the most money are still going to have the most influence.”

More: NOQuarter, WaPo


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Obama flipping and flopping on Iran

On May 18th, Obama claims that Iran, Venezuala, and Cuba are countries “too small” to pose a “serious threat” to the United States. 

Two days later, on May 20th after getting clued in that it took only 19 Muslims to pose committ a “serious” threat act of  terrorism against the U.S., he switches gears. Now Iran is a “grave threat.”

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Obama: Veep Vetter=Pizza Boy

The ChiTown Con Man attempts to brush off the controversy surrounding his pick of Countrywide-customer Jim Johnson to lead his Veep vetting team. He cutely attempts to frame it as an old style politics game of gotcha – after all Johnson is “unpaid,” and doesn’t officially “work” for Obama. He’s only responsible for vetting the run-of-the-mill VP candidate.  No biggie.

Hypocrisy Angle: Of course Team EmptySuit went nuclear on Clinton for her (fairly weak) ties to Countrywide. But now that the tables are turned, it’s of course “a game.”

Good news: ABC’s Jake Tapper ain’t buying it.

Did I read that correctly? Did Obama claim that Johnson and Holder — two of the three people heading up his VP search committee — aren’t “work”ing for him?

More Good news: Politico’s Ben Smith turns down the spin.

The fact that his staff made similar tactical attacks on Clinton, on very similar issues (actually, nobody on in Clinton’s orbit was ever accused of getting a special deal from Countrywide) makes it harder for Obama to take cover on the high road here.

Update: Here’s OHypocrite back in April at a Pennsylvania rally slamming the very Countrywide CEO who lent Jim Johnson millions in below-market rate home loans. Of course, it’s now a, “uh, uh, a game” when it invloves his “judgement.” 

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Refuses to “wear that pin”…

Not so much a gaffe here, but a statement he’ll come to regret, bigtime, as the General heats up. 

Update: Of course. He now wears “that pin.” Sometimes not. 

Sometimes I wear a tie, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I wear a flag pin, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I like a burger and a beer. Sometimes a glass of wine and a steak is good.

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