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Begging McCain: Please Give Us Some Reverend Wright, Please

Dear Senator McCain:

Let me first ask this… If you had sat in a KKK church for 20 years (run by David Duke), and during this period you had also fostered a relationship with Timothy McVeigh, do you think you’d be a viable candidate for… anything? Never mind, the U.S. presidency.

As a POW in Vietnam, you are well aware of the effectiveness of a propaganda war. And in 2008, the liberal media propaganda war trumps ‘em all.

The liberal media can cover up it all – from Ayers and ACORN to Fannie and Rezko.

But they cannot cover up Reverend Wright. And you know this.

This black-nationalist lunatic, screaming his hate for America, cannot be filtered.

But it’s your call Senator McCain.

You say “Country First.” Please do it for Your country. Our country!

It’s your choice.


October 15, 2008 at 12:45 am 1 comment


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