Delusional Files: OBanker claims he chairs Banking Committee when he doesn’t even hold a seat

July 23, 2008 at 9:20 pm 1 comment

And the “fairy tale” continues… You can’t make this stuff up.

This is either: A.) A bold-faced lie on the world stage… or B.) He’s been so busy running for president (since the day he was elected in ’04) he doesn’t remember his committee assignments.

Viewing Tip: Note, he says “just this past week, we…” and then pausing realizing he’s been on his Magical Make Believe I’m President Tour “just this past week.”

Fact: Here’s the U.S. Senate’s Banking Committee roster.

Fact 2: Here’s Obama’s Committee assignments (no Banking).

But remember, it’s McCain who gaffes (according to Anderson Cooper, Mike Allen and the rest of MSM , i.e. Obama communications team).

UPDATE: CBS News’ Kevin Dunn attempts to provide cover for Obama’s latest gaffe (or verbal flub).

It’s true that Obama flubbed that sentence, but that’s all it was: a verbal flub. What he meant was that the Banking Committee had recently reported out a bill that included some provisions from a bill he cosponsored in 2007. So he should have said “my provisions,” or something like that, not “my committee.”

Got it? He meant to say that the Banking Committee passed a bill that included parts of another bill from another committee that he cosponsored in another year.

Yep. That works.


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