Obama Tells Rolling Stone He Loves The Town-hall Debates That He’s Running Scared From

July 1, 2008 at 12:15 pm 1 comment

This one is delicous. But then again, when the press is in the tank, you can basically say and get away with anything – especially with left wing rags like RS.

Obama says this with what I’m guessing was a straight face:

I love the town-hall meetings, where I’m just interacting with voters, and they’re asking me questions and making comments. There’s an exchange there that’s real. I hear their stories… [ellipses in original] that actually is what then informs my speeches and the message that I’m delivering.


Flashback: Tough guy Obama says he’ll debate McCain anytime, anywhere. Note: This was following his clock-cleaning by Hillary in the ABC/Wiliam Ayers debate, while she was still on his trail trying to force more debates. He was running scared from Hil at the time – so he wanted McCain. Got it?

Flashback 2: Surprise. With the nomination stolen, Obama refuses to debate McCain anytime, anywhere. Instead offers one townhall debate on the 4th of July – when absolutely no one watches TV.

Here, McCain laughs at Obama’s proposal.

Source: Campaign Spot


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  • 1. Howard  |  August 2, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    Obama has been crying about how McCain should focus on the issues … but, again Obama refuses to meet McCain in town hall meetings, where they could debate the issues, and allow the American people to hear their positions on the issues, as well as their responses to each other’s issues. Obama knows that if he actually debates McCain on the issues, Americans would quickly see how inexperienced and unqualified Obama actually is. Obama wants Lincoln / Douglas format, because it would enable him to present his usual pre written speech, where he could once again preach a bunch of lofty platitudes. Quite frankly, we only need to listen to McCain, since Obama keeps coming around to McCain’s positions anyway … like on off shore drilling.


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