Gallup: All Tied Up!

June 26, 2008 at 1:23 am Leave a comment

Despite the massively coordinated PR effort of Team OFraud and its liberal media allies, Obama is still stastically tied with McCain – according to the ever-reliable Daily Gallup.

Last week’s co-op effort gave us Obama’s Fathers Day speech; Newsweak’s bogus poll; US Mag’s cover story, The View’s Infomercial; Obama “Country I Love” ad; Puff piece stories on all the nets; etc etc.

What happened? Nothing.

Here’s the deal: Obama’s brand to white middle America is that of a candidate with limited experience who attended an anti-white, anti- American church for 20 years. PERIOD.

The liberal propaganda machine can’t change this FACT. The opposition’s drip, drip, drip rebuttal campaign will only get louder – thanks to a network of little blogs like this one and big blogs like this one, and folks like Rush, Hannity, and Beck.


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