Candidate of “Change” Changes Mind on Public Financing

June 20, 2008 at 11:31 pm Leave a comment

This is a subject that doesn’t bother me either way as it’ll play itself out. Especially when Rev Wright Greatest Hits go viral via 527s and web. Game will be over – McCain wins. Hillary runs in ’12.

But you gotta laugh at the OBamboozler. Are his supporters really buying this BS?

Politco has a nice rundown of the many faces of OChange re: Public Financing.

Here’s a way-back-machine look at his very first comments in June of ’06. Don’t expect to see this on MSNBC’s Countdown (til I Can Get My Head out of Obama’s Ass) anytime soon.

Viewing tips:

At 5 seconds: “I STRONGLY support public fnancing, and I, uh, uh, know Dick (Durbin) does too.”

Starting at 19 seconds til end: You can CHANGE the rules on lobbying, but if we’re still getting financed primarily from INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS, uh, that, uh, those with the most money are still going to have the most influence.”

More: NOQuarter, WaPo


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Hawaiian-born, Indonesian-raised, Son of an Atheist, Son of a Kenyan Muslim, 20-Year Member of Radical Black Liberation Church, Colleague of Terrorist William Ayers, Friend of Convict Tony Rezko, Most Liberal U.S. Senator… Now Holds Kansas Heartland Values Narcissism Gone Wild: Candidate of “Change” Changes Presidental Seal and Makes it His Campaign Seal;Update: Copyright Infringement, May Be Illegal

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