Operation Manipulate Sheeple: Media-made Candidate to Limit Media Access

June 19, 2008 at 2:28 pm Leave a comment

As if we needed any further proof that the Chicago Con Man is nothing but a media-generated empty suit… Now comes word via the NY Times that Team ONothing has decided to further control his access and image. 

This jumped out…

The campaign on Monday barred cameras from a large gathering of African-American civic leaders Obama attended. It recently refused to provide names of religious figures with whom Obama met in Chicago and directed some of them to avoid reporters by using a special exit. And on Wednesday, the campaign orchestrated Michelle Obama’s appearance on the friendly set of “The View” and a flattering spread in the pages of Us Weekly.

By my count, OGaffemeister has been under tight control since his shellacking by Hillary at the ABC-televised Philly debate. He first refused any further (empty suit-exposing) debates with Hiillary and then nixed McCain’s proposal of a 10 Town Hall-style (teleprompter-free) debate tour.


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Larry Sinclair Presser Hawaiian-born, Indonesian-raised, Son of an Atheist, Son of a Kenyan Muslim, 20-Year Member of Radical Black Liberation Church, Colleague of Terrorist William Ayers, Friend of Convict Tony Rezko, Most Liberal U.S. Senator… Now Holds Kansas Heartland Values

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