Obama: Veep Vetter=Pizza Boy

June 10, 2008 at 7:36 pm Leave a comment

The ChiTown Con Man attempts to brush off the controversy surrounding his pick of Countrywide-customer Jim Johnson to lead his Veep vetting team. He cutely attempts to frame it as an old style politics game of gotcha – after all Johnson is “unpaid,” and doesn’t officially “work” for Obama. He’s only responsible for vetting the run-of-the-mill VP candidate.  No biggie.

Hypocrisy Angle: Of course Team EmptySuit went nuclear on Clinton for her (fairly weak) ties to Countrywide. But now that the tables are turned, it’s of course “a game.”

Good news: ABC’s Jake Tapper ain’t buying it.

Did I read that correctly? Did Obama claim that Johnson and Holder — two of the three people heading up his VP search committee — aren’t “work”ing for him?

More Good news: Politico’s Ben Smith turns down the spin.

The fact that his staff made similar tactical attacks on Clinton, on very similar issues (actually, nobody on in Clinton’s orbit was ever accused of getting a special deal from Countrywide) makes it harder for Obama to take cover on the high road here.

Update: Here’s OHypocrite back in April at a Pennsylvania rally slamming the very Countrywide CEO who lent Jim Johnson millions in below-market rate home loans. Of course, it’s now a, “uh, uh, a game” when it invloves his “judgement.” 


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